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Friday, 26 February 2016

If you're needing inspiration....

The layout featured in the YouTube embed above is Per Laursen's amazing "UP/BNSF in Texas layout."

This is a complete video overview of his layout, but he's also posted some more video embeds, photos and general information about the railroad on his website here. The track plan is here.

He also runs his own company supplying modern model railroad structures. If you need a Denny's or Lowe's store on your layout, Per just might be your guy. The website for his company Summit Customcuts is here.

With its modern equipment and simple track plan, Laursen's modelling reminds me right away of Pelle Soeborg, a contributing editor of Model Railroader whose well-known work you can see here.  Apparently, these two Danes are friends.

His layout is 44'x28' with loads of staging, cameras to monitor the hidden tracks, automated electronics, etc., etc. The layout presentation is also exceptional (lighting, backdrop, panels ... all first rate)

Many modellers would run into some serious limitations trying to create a layout like this: space, time, money, skill ... or in my case, all four.

And though I'll certainly never build a layout like this I find it a source of inspiration to look at layouts of this quality.

Modern buildings and outstanding layout presentation are hallmarks of Per Laursen's modern-day layout set in Texas. (Photo: Per Laursen/

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