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Friday, 24 April 2015

YouTuber NS Train fan is selling his layout


Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post about 5 MR YouTubers I liked.

To this date it remains one of this blog's most viewed posts (List stories, known as listicles, have become a staple of online journalism because the restive online audience just can't seem to resist them).

Anyway on my top 5 list was YouTuber NS Train fan (Ben Earp). I recommended Ben's channel to other modellers because he produced a lot of great how-to videos that chronicled his construction of an N-scale layout based on the Salt Lake Route track plan which was published in Model Railroader a while ago.

I've always liked this track plan for a compact N-scale display layout with a lot of operating potential, even though I model HO.

In addition to building his layout, Ben did a number of excellent videos about layout visits, trips to train shows, etc.

His videos were set apart by their high production quality, and his happy, humble approach.

But I knew something was up when last year, after months of weekly posts, his videos stopped appearing. The video silence was sudden and without explanation. Until yesterday.

In a video embedded below, Ben reports with some sadness that he's selling his layout, but not getting out of the hobby. He says he needs the money for college, something this one-time broke student understands.

His price is $500, which includes the track, some buildings and a Digitrax Zephyr system (locos and rolling stock not included). Not a bad price when you consider that the Kato Unitrack is probably worth a few hundred alone. The 4x9 foot layout is at the start of the scenery stage and fully operational. I believe Ben lives in North Carolina.

This layout would be a good buy for someone in that area looking to get into the hobby. It might appeal to someone keen to get a running layout right away, maybe someone who wants to get into the hobby but who doesn't have the skills or tools needed to build benchwork.

Ben won't ship the layout though; he's asking the buyer to come to him and pick it up.

Ben says he plans to build another layout in the future. Here's hoping that he will not only do this, but will also chronicle it with another great series of YouTube Videos.

In the meantime, Ben's past videos remain on his channel for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks Ben and good luck.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Great video: Area H spur being worked

Here's a great YouTube video showing the top end of Area H spur being worked by CP crew:


The YouTuber here is CitySlicker.

He shoots a lot of great Toronto-area railroad videos. He also has a very good flickr site.

Chances are if there's a strong photo at the top of my blog showing Area H or Canpa switching, it's a photo link to his flickr!

I realize there's been more prototype material than model material here lately.

I've haven't been able to get to the layout. Progress there has very much been slow motion I'm afraid.

I've not given up on the project however. I'm hoping to post part II of the Hymopak structure build soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this video.

As always, I welcome your comments.