Snowy Soo

Winter Railroading.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Rolling through the diamond

Caught this train at Ostler Street crossing. It was heading southeast from the CN end of the diamond.  A transfer run I'm  guessing. Lots of boxcars but a few tanks, covered hoppers and some autoracks too. 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Blue sky ahead! Backdrop installed

Goodbye tool rack; hello blue backdrop. 

Layout progress is inching along. Summer is here and I've always considered model railroading more of a winter pursuit. Still, I managed to get the backdrop installed last week, so no more brick wall/tool rack backdrop.

I was worried the colour was too light but the paint store guy convinced me it would be blue enough, and I'm glad he did. In these photos it looks almost too white, but in real life, it more closely resembles sky.

Here's two more pics.

Here's one looking in the other direction.

Here's one looking toward south west corner of the layout. Throttle pockets would be a good idea about now!
I realize that I could have curved the hardboard here for a more eye-pleasing corner, put I found it would have made it too hard to put a building there. 

Next will be to finish getting the track down and wired. I'm pondering widening the peninsula (not pictured) to make way for a larger industry.  Future plans also include uploading a short video to show the trains running. Happy with the way everything is operating during the test runs so far. Really enjoying DCC.

After that, the plan is to add the staging yard behind the workbench and fascia. 

Until next time...