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Monday, 28 July 2014

Great "finished" switching layout

Modeller James McNabb has built an excellent modern-day HO-scale  layout with his Grimes Line, which you can check out here or in videos posted on his YouTube channel. The layout models a section of the Iowa Interstate Railway.

James's layout features simple, great scenery and a track plan that adheres to the prototype and resists the temptation to fill every square inch of layout surface area with track. I love his photo backdrops and how the layout is presented with the clean fascia, nice overhead lighting, etc.

Perhaps most impressive is that his layout is now "finished," a stage few layouts ever reach (though in a recent post on Model Railway Hobbyist blog he admits there are likely other details to add). Still the layout is at enough of a developed stage that he feels comfortable calling it complete, which is an achievement for any modeller.

A great source of inspiration, be sure to check out his online material which is always presented as well as the layout itself.