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Thursday, 29 January 2015

CP plays host to 7-year-old Toronto railfan and blogger

Railfan and blogger Nathan O'Neill, 7,  meets with a CP crew member. The railway has regular visits from Nathan, who writes about what he's learned on his railway blog. (Photo credit:

' I don't want kids, I just want to drive trains'

An excellent story in today's Toronto Star about a 7-year-old railfan and blogger from Toronto, whose love of trains has been recognized by Canadian Pacific.

As the story by Rebecca Eckler tells, Nathan O'Neill is very into trains. But what sets him apart from his Grade 1 peers is that he started his own blog about them. His work was noticed by CP and the railway has hosted him for regular visits to learn about how the railway works.
He's climbed into the cab of a locomotive and even been issued his own engineer's vest. His blog is worth a visit, even if some of the photos are upside down!

In my favourite quote from the story, he tells Eckler: "I don't want kids, I just want to drive trains."

Nathan has had a ride on the CP Holiday Train and his grandparents bought him a share in CP (quite a gift considering the share price!)

It's nice to see a kid so interested in railroading, but it's also great to see CP recognize this and give him behind-the scenes access to their operation.

Obviously they got a nice PR boost with the Star story and maybe down the line they'll get an enthusiastic engineer in training!

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